Aniceto Lopez, Owner

Aniceto has been in the hair industry for 31 years.   He started at Scissors in Cherry Creek under the mentorship of Christiane Dupays, one of the top ten designers in Denver.  She was a prominent salon owner in Cherry Creek who taught Aniceto amazing techniques and the art of hair design.  It was Aniceto's life’s goal to become a top hair designer so he continued his training at Horst Aveda Institute in Minneapolis, Yosh in San Francisco and Vidal Sassoon in Toronto. 

Aniceto's life is cutting and coloring, and his dream has been fulfilled when he opened his own salon.  His clients are precious to him:  he works with them to give them beautiful hair, and he uses only the best quality, natural products in his salon.


Kamy Holz

Kamy has been a licensed Cosmetologist for the past 15 years. She has been with Salon Prospect and owner Aniceto Lopez since the spring of 2014. Along with hair design she has also placed an emphasis of interest and experience in the area of skin care performing both facials and waxing.

Her philosophy is as follows:

From ancient times beauty has been considered an important, even vital element of women in society. Countless attempts have been made to find the elusive “fountain of youth.” As time has progressed this desperate search continues and opens many doors to those whose ambition for gain can sell almost anything if it promises the coveted outward beauty. Much of the modern skincare industry offers magic bullets to produce quick results for anti-aging. The fact is, we all age and no product or procedure will change that. Using harsh chemicals and peels that deteriorate the outer epidermal layer of the skin will only prove to be detrimental in the long run even risking a persons health. Two major functions of the skin is to help eliminate impurities from the inside of the body and to provide a protective barrier against disease and harmful bacteria. When this protective mantle is continually stripped and thinned out it cannot perform it's necessary functions or regenerate itself as needed. The key is to build up, not tear down. As a woman entering my forties and passionate about skincare I believe, as my Native American ancestors did, that nature has provided everything needed to heal, nourish and help maintain the skin's youthful vibrance. We need to be reeducated when it comes to proper skincare and use what nature has so graciously given to non-invasively retain the skin's delicate balance and give us the desired effect. We need to find an overall philosophy of wellbeing and a healthy perspective on beauty that can truly stand the test of time.

I am offering all natural, organic facials and treatments at Salon a Prospect and can provide one of the best, most affordable products for skincare that I have found. It is my goal to make available to almost everyone the same quality of skincare that in ancient times only the elite and royal courts could enjoy.


Margaret (Meg) Campbell

I have over 20 years experience, a great attention for detail, and an easy demeanor. My education is always ongoing with top experts from around the country to ensure my up-to-the-minute knowledge of hair trends and techniques. My mission is fashion forward style, mastery of the latest hair trends and techniques, superior customer service, and a personal dedication to excellence. I keep abreast of the latest developments, both technically and artistically, with highly developed skills in cut, color, and texturizing services. I get my inspiration from anything and anywhere. My clients inspire me every day, but I also get inspiration from the streets, other artists (hairstylists or otherwise), movies, TV, film, or by just looking outside. I love helping people see themselves in a more positive, attractive light, and to see them happy when they leave my chair. 

I look forward to meeting and working with you.

Tiara Reyes

I am passionate about helping people feel confident and beautiful, by achieving the right look for any occasion and active lifestyles. I specialize in updo's and make up with over 20 years experience for weddings, graduations, vintage styles, dances, new career and everyday looks. I grew up in a diverse area, San Francisco California. Growing up there allowed me to learn how to be creative with all types of hair textures and skin tones. Living in Colorado for fifteen years has taught me how to help people look great but also put into consideration that Coloradans are active. Here are just a few examples of what I specialize in.

  • Nails - mini and spa manicures and pedicures, nail art, French manicures, shellac and gel nails
  • Make up - contouring, day and evening make up, active make up, and corrective make up application
  • Hair - men's cuts, weekends cuts, up do's braids, shampoo sets and rollers,
  • Special occasion complete make overs

I'm excited to be a part of such a great team and full service salon here at Salon Prospect!